Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Santa's Big Helper iOS App & New Babies

I'm not the type to miss a deadline but it's tough not to when your first child arrives in the world two weeks early. Thankfully I had a very understanding client in Wet Nose Design.

I worked with them on Santa's Big Helper about a year ago under it's original title Elf Cam. The deadline for the artwork was the same day as my wifes due date and I figured the baby would likely be overdue (first children always are, everybody know that) so I had nothing to worry about. I had warned them though that if I was out of touch for a few days it was because we were in the hospital.

Needless to say finishing a large project with a newborn to take care of was nothing less than grueling but with a very understanding and flexible client it became manageable. Did I also mention that we had just moved across the country and hadn't yet to fully unpacked? I am pretty proud that even though I missed the deadline it was only by a couple days.

Our daughter is now 1 and it's been the best year of our lives. It's great to watch her grow up and my memories of her first couple weeks will always be tied to this project.

If you have kids yourself please visit the app-store and download Santa's Big Helper, it's fantastically done. My favourite part is the Elf Update videos. That guy puts a smile on my face.