Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My First Picture Book Dummy Part 6 - Finals

Part 1 - Concept And Inspiration
Part 2 - Writing
Part 3 - Thumbnails
Part 4 - Character Design 
Part 5 - Roughs 
Part 6 - Finals

I've lapsed in my writing of this series for a few weeks because I was on holiday and was trying to work as little as possible, but I suppose that's it's own blog post.

I mentioned in a previous post in this series that I still have a few roughs to finish before my book dummy will be complete. This hasn't stopped me from moving ahead to finish some of the final spreads. I was getting stuck on the last roughs and it was frustrating so I followed a piece of advice I got long ago that I often turn to. The advice is this, "Do what you know first, the rest will work itself out after". This is usually applied within one drawing, but can also be used in a bigger project.

In the case of my book dummy it's my hope that seeing a few finished pieces will help inspire me to push through those last problematic roughs, and help to inform them as well.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Textures My Kid Made

My two year old daughter loves crafting, and when she's crafting she loves to cover the paper corner to corner. I can always tell at daycare which craft/painting/drawing is hers because there isn't a speck of space left. Unless you count the tears in the paper from paint overload.

So when she made these 3 crafts with my wife I saw them and thought that they would make potentially neat photoshop textures. Don't ask me how they were made, my wife is the master of the strange painterly concoctions.

Please download them, there's JPG's below or click here to download the TIFF's, and let me know the results!