Monday, December 7, 2009

They look like big, good, strong hands. Don't they?

My first thought for the Illustration Friday topic of "crunchy" was the Rockbiter from Neverending Story. My first sketch was him happily munching on some rocks, but then I realized that I much better remember him sad and waiting for death after (spoiler alert) he's failed to save his friends from The Nothing. So that's what I went with because I thought it'd be far more interesting.

This has now made me nostalgic for the film, so I think I'll be getting it at the library this week. Especially as *gasp* my wife has never seen it! Although it probably won't hold up and I'll totally ruin my view of the film. Ah well.


  1. nice one! Love the sketch too -- even just on its own!

  2. Excellent work mate!
    And don't worry about The Neverending Story holding up - you'll know its still awesome when you cry at a certain horse scene!
    Top work mate - love it

  3. Oooo...I love the Rockbiter!! I must have watched that film a thousand times when I was little. Such great memories... (^_^)