Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Plan B

I decided to try an experiment. For a long time I've done my best to move away from the use of line in my work and rely on colour and and contrast to separate elements. However, I was recently looking at some beautiful vector work with strong black lines and was jealous of the heavily graphic effect they had. So I thought I might go back and see if I could work with that idea a bit.

Well, it looked like crap. I think I was forcing it too much. It happened naturally with an older piece of mine, The Dude. I think the outlines work there because it's in the context of stained glass style, and because there's a lot less of them. They're also incorporated a lot better due to the texture. Anyway, you can see my revised version and I think you'll agree that it's much better. It never hurts to play around though I guess.

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