Monday, January 23, 2012

Winter Night - Humpty Dumpty Magazine

I'm a bit late posting this since the issue this appeared in was the November/December Humpty Dumpty but better late than never.

I've been so crazy busy the last few months with a few large projects (which I'm very eager to share them but which must remain under wraps for now). I've also been on an extended working holiday from Christmas up until now. I'm finally getting back doing some promotion to hopefully keep things rolling throughout 2012.

This piece was for Humpty Dumpty's back cover. US Kids Magazines are always a pleasure to work with. I love that they give me quite a lot of freedom and don't usually have many revisions for me. For this piece they did have a revision though which was to add a cat or dog which I think was a good call (you can see my original sketch below). Being a cat person I of course chose a cat and I think it helped to friendly the scene up a lot.

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